Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a great Easter this past Sunday. We celebrated Aimee's birthday the same day. We missed having Bridget around this year again to celebrate her birthday too but we sent her birthday cards and gift cards last week. It was really great to get the kids together and have lunch/dinner together.

Because of every one's busy Sunday schedules, it was difficult to have everyone at the house for the same meals and at the same time. Ryan, Aimee, Tyce & Indy had the same conference we had on Sunday so they came over to the house about 1:00 for lunch and then spent the afternoon with us until they needed to go to Aimee's parents house for their birthday celebration with Aimee. We had chicken salad on croissant with watermelon and chips.

Adam, Katrina, Camden & Drew had their regular church schedule so Adam was teaching his Sunday School class. They arrived after 2:00, grabbed some sandwiches, and then joined us for the Easter hunt. Brooke, Ryan and Camden were able to put the eggs around the yard and then we all went out looking for the Easter goodies. Camden was really getting into the idea of filling his basket with all the eggs he could find. It was really fun to watch him get so excited to find the eggs.

This idea of being grandparents has been wonderful. We are really enjoying it! I wish we were able to see all our grand kids as often as we are able to see Camden, Tyce and now Drew. We are missing so much of their lives when we live so far away from them. It is so rewarding as parents to see our own kids doing such a great job at being parents. Ryan is really involved and enjoying this stage of Tyce's life and Katrina is so patient and good with Camden.

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  1. sounds like you guys had a great easter! missed having you guys around for my birthday and for the easter celebrations as well. but we will see all of you soon! :) love you guys much and thanks for the post! :)